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Copying and Pasting Hyperlinks in Email:

Maybe you found a great educational website that you’d like to share with a colleague or maybe you just want to show your cousin in Montana a great internet game that someone just showed you.  Here’s how to put that hyperlink into an email:

1)      All web pages have an address.  You can find the address in the “address bar” of Internet Explorer.  For example, here is the address for WWOZ which is a Jazz radio station in New Orleans:
email link 1

2)      To get the address for this radio station into an email all I have to do is copy and paste it.  RIGHT click on the address you want to copy and select “copy” from the list that appears:
email link 2

3)      Open up a new email, type your message and then paste the web address where ever you want to place it.  You can paste it by either RIGHT clicking and then choosing “paste” from the list that appears or you could go to the edit menu and select “paste” from the menu or you could press the CTRL key and the letter “v” to paste.  When you paste the address in, your cursor will appear at the end of the web address.  Either press the “Space Bar” or press “Enter” and the address will automatically turn blue and become underlined.  Congratulations, you have made a hyperlink.  See sample below:
email link 3

How to change the wording of the hyperlink:
If you want to get fancy here’s how you can change the wording of a hyperlink

1)      First copy and paste the hyperlink into your email and press the “Space Bar” or “Return” so it turns into a hyperlink (blue and underlined).

2)      Next, RIGHT click on the hyperlink and choose “Edit Hyperlink” from the menu that appears:
email link 4

3)      In the next window that appears change the “Text to be displayed” to what ever you’d like to have displayed as a hyperlink:
email link 5

Change to:  email link 6

4)      Click “OK” and the text of your hyperlink should now have changed
email link 10

Featured YouTube Video:
How to Insert a Hyperlink in Outlook 2007

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:    Try emailing a hyperlink to a favorite website to a friend of yours this morning.  You can either send it as a complete web address or try changing the address to a word or two as demonstrated above.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you’d like to learn more about emailing hyperlinks try searching the internet for:

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