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New lockdown regulations for IT workers in South Africa

The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies has published a new directive which outlines the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workers that will be allowed to work under the country’s new level 4 lockdown regulations.

The directive, which was published on Sunday (3 May), provides a breakdown on the ICT jobs which were allowed under the level 5 restrictions and the jobs which will be allowed under the revised level 4 restrictions.

The regulations also outline the strict mitigation measure which will have to be followed before work is allowed to resume.

This includes the cloth face masks which are requirements for all workers, but also the introduction of perspex dividers, spacing requirements and strict cleaning regimes for certain industries.

The directive is outlined in more detail below.

Level 5 restrictions

  • All telecommunications services and infrastructure that includes electronic communications services as defined by the Electronic Communications Act. This includes call centres critical for the support of such services. Electronic communications services exclude retail shops that must remain closed;
  • Electronic communications services are limited to online services noting that no physical collection or deliveries are permitted;
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to entities and institutions engaged in delivering level 5 services;
  • ICT devices (such as desktops, laptops, modems and other devices) for education purposes designated as essential goods and services for the functioning of higher education institutions;
  • Broadcasting infrastructure including call centres critical for the support of such services;
  • Postal services and courier services related to the transportation of medical products;
  • Payment of social grants by the South African Post Office through the South African Postbank, post office branches and other methods.

Level 4 restrictions

These include all of the level 5 restrictions, as well as:

  • Manufacturing of telecommunications infrastructure including electronic communications facilities and end-user and subscriber equipment;
  • Telecommunications infrastructure, electronic communications facilities including the persons to Covid-19 relevant to resumption of construction and fitting out of data centres currently being built;
  • Wholesale and retail, including stores, spaza shops, e-commerce and informal traders. This includes the production and sale of airtime and data, online and physical retail sale, delivery, collection and replacement of ICT equipment, networking equipment, end-user and subscriber equipment and ancillary equipment to support level 4 services and to facilitate work -from -home arrangements and access to broadcasting including set-top-boxes, computers, mobile telephones and other home office equipment, including installation, maintenance and repair;
  • Broadcasting services including advertising agencies and film and television production;
  • Reserved and unreserved postal services.

You can read the full gazette below:

ICT Regulations 3 May by BusinessTech on Scribd

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